Value your vote!

Cllr Stephen Martin

Cllr Stephen Martin
Lisburn North
07706 526036

Alliance Councillor Stephen Martin has urged those who have not yet registered to vote to do so.

Stephen, candidate for Lisburn North, commented:  “The first thing to remember about the elections coming up in May is that your vote really does matter, so please ensure you are registered.  The deadline for late registration with the Electoral Office is 6 May.

“For far too many years in Northern Ireland people have voted according to the past.  They have voted to revenge past wrongs, to do down others who once did them down.  They have voted according to the allegiances of their parents and grand-parents, allegiances that were formed in a totally different world.’

“Since the Good Friday Agreement that world has changed and has the potential to change much, much more.  But it will require more people to vote with their eyes firmly fixed on the future, not solely on the past.  It will require people to think about the future they want for their children and grand-children and vote for people whom they
believe will bring about that better future.”

Stephen urges everyone to step forward and “Vote for the future you want  for your children, not the past of your parents.”