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Regenerating Lagan Valley’s economy

Trevor Lunn

Trevor Lunn MLA is working for you as the Alliance Party’s Enterprise Spokesperson

Since the last election, I have had the opportunity to take a deeper interest in the full range of Enterprise and Trade issues.

I have written to the Finance Minister concerning rates paid by retailers in Lisburn City Centre, which I still regard as punitive in hard times such as these.

I have also tabled numerous questions on how we may generate our own business more effectively. In particular, I have advocated more and better support for those starting up in business, new services for those wishing to export and bring more money into the local economy, and targeting a wider range of people to get involved in business in the first place.

As a former businessman myself, I appreciate the range of issues facing people trying to make a living in retail, in manufacturing and in their own start-ups. I want greater priority placed on support for these people, and in this support being much wider than just the occasional grant.

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Trevor Lunn MLA

Trevor Lunn MLA

Trevor Lunn MLA
Lagan Valley
07968 154099

Trevor Lunn MLA is Assembly Member for Lagan Valley and the Alliance Party’s Deputy Chief Whip.

Prior to entering politics full-time, he ran his own Insurance Brokerage for 25 years.

At the Assembly, he has served on the Assembly’s Public Accounts and Regional Development Committees and currently serves on the Education Committee (since 2007) and as the Alliance Party’s Enterprise Spokesperson. He joined the Policing Board in 2011.

He was a member of Lisburn City Council from 2001 – 2011 and served as Mayor in 2006-7. First elected to the Assembly in 2007, he was re-elected with an increased vote in 2011.

His interests include church music, gardening and sport.

@ianjamesparsley Better get the new executive formed pronto then😊

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