Amanda Grehan Lisburn South Alliance representative

Amanda Grehan
Lisburn South Alliance representative

On behalf of blind pedestrians in Lisburn, Amanda Grehan, candidate for Alliance in Lisburn South is continuing to press Lisburn City Council on the question of kerb heights in Market Square, which are currently to be set at 30mm. This height is not enough to be identified by a guide dog, presenting obvious problems for blind and partially sighted persons.

According to Amanda, “Roads Service originally wanted no height difference between the roadway and footpaths in the square, but following discussion, agreed to set this at 30mm. ¬†Experts in this field agree that a minimum of 60mm is essential for blind pedestrians and their guide dogs to recognise the difference between the pavement and the roadway. ¬†Colour coding has also been suggested, but it is not a workable solution as guide dogs are not trained to recognise colour change as a hazard and, obviously, this would not help a blind person.”

Amanda has undertaken to continue further discussions with Roads Service to seek a workable solution as soon as possible.