Insurance must not inhibit local firms going for contracts

The Assembly is in recess until September, but that gives us a chance to look at some of the issues which have come across our desk over the past year or so.

One close to me, given my professional background, is insurance. I will continue to report here on the various ways in which I wish to look at the subject, but one particular issue I have raised in recent months is the prohibitive insurance requirements of public sector tenderers (most notably perhaps in construction).

I am concerned that local firms who would otherwise be well placed to bid for government contracts are instead being put off by requirements which simply could not reasonably be met by businesses operating in a jurisdiction of under 2 million people, and which are often plain unnecessary.

I do wish to continue to advocate improved policy in this area. If you have any thoughts, simply drop into our office in Graham Gardens or leave a comment to the left.


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