Gawith hits out at Ulster Unionists Redpath

Representative for Downshire West

Owen Gawith
Representative for Downshire West

Alliance Downshire West candidate Owen Gawith has hit out at the Ulster Unionists after one of their council candidates criticised the recent Haass process.

Mr Gawith was speaking after the UUP’s Alexander Redpath criticised Dr Richard Haass, who facilitated talks between the main five parties in an attempt to find movement on the issues of parades, flags and the past, stating he had “no mandate from the people of Northern Ireland” and that “his arrogance is staggering”.
Moira resident Mr Gawith said the comments showed Mr Redpath’s own arrogance.
He added: “Mr Redpath also has no mandate from the people of Northern Ireland – or, more to the point, from the people of Lisburn North whom he is supposed to represent – despite never having been elected to do so.
“In fact he has never even stood for election in any part of Lisburn. He has not put himself to the electoral test before, and yet makes much of being ‘Councillor’. Now he is standing in the new area of Downshire West, abandoning the people of Lisburn North before they have even had the chance to decide whether to vote for him or not.
“Mr Redpath has appeared out of nowhere, giving his views, remarks and comments. I for one am not impressed and I would wager the voters of Downshire West are the same.”