European Parliament to scrap roaming charges – McCrea

Dr Jonathan Mccrea Alliance Representative for Killultagh

Dr Jonathan Mccrea
Alliance Representative for Killultagh

The Lagan Valley Alliance Party team welcomes the news that following the vote by MEPs, mobile phone roaming charges are to be scrapped. The expectation now is that they will be scrapped altogether from 15th December 2014. As the EU Commissioner for the Digital Agenda, is reported to have said “consumers are fed up with being ripped off”.

Jonathan McCrea Alliance Party representative for Killultagh says: “This is great news for mobile phone users, throughout Europe, and particularly in Northern Ireland. Mobile phone users who live near, or sometimes even miles from the border with the Irish Republic, are often connected to a network across the border and can incur significant costs. In some areas, the best reception is from a transmitter across the border. It will also be great to be able to make phone calls, use mobile data when on holiday or business to the Irish Republic and Europe. This also serves to illustrate the benefits of being part of EU.”

As Anna Lo MLA has said: “I am proud of the Alliance Party’s pro-European record. As a region, Northern Ireland has benefited enormously from our membership of the European Union and it is vital for our businesses that this continues. The EU gives our businesses access to a market of 500 million people and an economy worth £730billion.”