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Cllr Tim Morrow

Cllr Tim Morrow

Cllr Tim Morrow

Tim Morrow is the Alliance Party councillor for Castlereagh East.

Tim attended Campbell College in East Belfast, before heading to Newcastle University to study General Agriculture.  After a year in Newcastle he came home to work on the family farm which the Morrow family have been farming from 1730.

Tim has previously been chair of the County Down Young Farmers Club and more recently Tim has received an award to recognise his contribution to agriculture in Northern Ireland.

Tim got involved with the Alliance Party through his father during his teens, joining the party on his return from university. He served as the chair of the Dundonald branch of the party for 10 years. Tim was first elected to Castlereagh Borough Council 6 years ago.

Tim currently sites on the Environmental Services Committee and the Leisure & Community Development Committee.


Cllr Amanda Grehan

Amanda Grehan is the Alliance Party councillor for Lisburn South.

Amanda Grehan

Amanda Grehan

Cllr Aaron D. McIntyre


Aaron McIntyre is the Alliance Party councillor for Downshire East.

Aaron graduated from Queen’s University with a 1st class honours degree in July 2013. Aaron completed his Masters in Museum Studies in January 2016. He is a qualified blacksmith and has previously worked at the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum. He is an advocate of young peoples’ issues, the environment and our built heritage. He is also on the committee of the Ulster Archaeological Committee.

Aaron has been a member of the Alliance Party since 2010 and has experience in dealing with constituency work including roads, benefits, housing and environmental issues.

Aaron is a former Chair of QUB Alliance Youth, and past student councillor for the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences at Queen’s University Belfast. He was also a two term chair of the Lagan Valley Association.

Aaron currently sits on the Leisure & Community Development Committee and the Environmental Services Committee.

Loads of treats at the British Legion Coffee morning & afterwards took some time for personal remembrance……

Interesting chats w/Jerry Buttimer leader of Seanad Éireann & Richard Bruton Minister for Education about Brexit, N……

'Shared space is not lost space... let's build bridges not borders' -Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar @FineGael TD…

Listening to the radio earlier- would @berni_smyrh like to tell Savita's family that abortion isn't a healthcare matter? #trustwomen

Coffee and archaeology on a Saturday morning- fantastic to be at the inaugural @UlsterArcSoc conference

#MentalHealth Are you a young man under 35 in NI? Please spare 5mins to fill this out…

#MentalHealthAwarenessDay Are you a young man under 35 in NI? Please spare 5mins to fill this out……

Well done to @Kelmba for having the courage to speak out about such a personal and emotive issue on Nolan.……

Bag packing for the @lisburnccc Mayor's charities @Habitat_org & @corrymeela. Loads of people giving generously :)

Busy morning down in Dungannon at the Joint Committee of PCSP Chairs, Vice-Chairs, the Dept of Justice & the Polici……

Five days with no @bt_uk internet! Only advice was to try all the 'usual' restart and unplug stuff. When will service be resumed? @BTCare

I've driven across 9 counties today but can't get over the fact that I only got a rate of €1.05. Gonna be an expensive hol #BrexitProblems

Some of the @LVAlliance Association out with the @allianceparty at Belfast Pride 🏳️‍🌈

Just walked past a couple in their 80s who smiled when they saw people with rainbow flags and the man said "I bet the DUP are loving this"ha

There's been some interesting arguments put forward by revisionist historians. However, whilst I'm no fan of DeV, s……

PSNI have removed material from Anti-Internment bonfires but not dangerous 11th Night ones.Mayb due to cross-party support to act on former?

Hard to believe the use of #Irish in legal docs including wills is still prohibited by an Act from 1737 passed by the Protestant Ascendancy

Cllr Owen Gawith

Owen Gawith Alliance representative for Downshire West

Owen Gawith Alliance representative for Downshire West

Owen Gawith is the Alliance Party councillor for Downshire West.

Owen has been a resident in Moira for nearly 25 years. He is a family man and father of two boys.

Owen has been involved with the Alliance Party for a number of years. He helped set up the Moira Watch community scheme and more recently he has been involved with the Moira Junior Park Run.

Interests include our local surroundings, community issues, the built environment and promoting a just society. Owen is a keen support of freecycling.

Owen currently sits on the Government & Audit Committee as well as the Corporate Services Committee.

Trevor Lunn MLA

Trevor Lunn MLA

Trevor Lunn MLA
Lagan Valley
07968 154099

Trevor Lunn MLA is Assembly Member for Lagan Valley and the Alliance Party’s Deputy Chief Whip.

Prior to entering politics full-time, he ran his own Insurance Brokerage for 25 years.

At the Assembly, he has served on the Assembly’s Public Accounts and Regional Development Committees and currently serves on the Education Committee (since 2007) and as the Alliance Party’s Enterprise Spokesperson. He joined the Policing Board in 2011.

He was a member of Lisburn City Council from 2001 – 2011 and served as Mayor in 2006-7. First elected to the Assembly in 2007, he was re-elected with an increased vote in 2011.

His interests include church music, gardening and sport.

@BeattieDoug @ElaineYoung94 Don't blame us Doug, it's Frank Mitchell's fault😎

@Davy_SPB @allianceparty Open your mind man,the law applies no matter who is accused or victim.

@molloy1916 I hope to meet Simon Coveney with the Ballymurphy families tomorrow and there won't be much talk about……

£50k secured to install Floodlights in the development of our new @GlenavyGAC training pitch! Massive thanks to Alp…… Retweeted by Trevor Lunn

So proud of Neil who graduated from the University of Westminster with an MSC in Building Information Management.

Retweeted by Trevor Lunn

My favourite image of @realDonaldTrump. What reaction does it provoke from you? Printable comments only🤓

After Grenfell we were assured that NI tower blocks were inspected and declared safe. There could have been a trage……

Thankfully fire controlled and residents being taken care of in local hall. Very fast response by emergency servic……

Well said Stephen and completely true.…

Where is deaths sting, where grave thy victory? I triumph still if thou abide with me. Sung with such feeling by th……

Remembering with pride & gratitude today, my former colleagues who gave their lives in the service of our community…… Retweeted by Trevor Lunn

@SteveDonnelly95 Still if Clanalbogan (is that right) seeks city status it would need a cathedral so you're on the right track.

@SteveDonnelly95 Looks like you have taken holy orders.

@ttengineer @E5C4P3777 @goc1978 It may be but every time we take a step forward we seem to take two backward. There……

@skydavidblevins Rev Cupples found the right words as did Rev Michael Davidson in his sermon. The whole occasion wa……

WW1 County Wicklow memorial at Woodenbridge. All should remember, none should forget.

Retweeted by Trevor Lunn

@TheBlowInView Woodenbridge, Co Wicklow. Few miles from Arklow. Beautiful spot.

WW1 County Wicklow memorial at Woodenbridge. All should remember, none should forget.

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Ald Stephen Martin

Cllr Stephen Martin

Cllr Stephen Martin
Lisburn North
07706 526036

Stephen Martin is the Alliance Party councillor for Lisburn North. He previously represented Lisburn South in the old Lisburn City Council.

A solicitor by profession, Stephen is the Alliance Group Leader for our team on Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council. He also acts as an advocate for youth, and volunteers as a Youth Leader. He is also on the Board of Governors of an integrated school.

Stephen runs surgeries at the Lagan Valley Association Office in Graham Gardens, Lisburn.

A former Chair of Alliance Youth and past member of Queen’s University Senate, Stephen was elected to Council to take over from Seamus Close in 2011.


Good to see @PSNILisCreagh warning display at junction of Belsize Road and Skyline Drive this evening doing just th……

Well done @LibrariesNI own Judith @BanbridgeLib…

Mayor Tim Morrow all set for the Lisburn Christmas tree switch on

For residents with concerns or questions following last night's fire it's worth getting along to Kilmakee today to……

Couldn't agree more. @nihecommunity team were also exceptional keeping residents informed & sorting alternative ac……

Couldn't have asked for more from @NIFRSOFFICIAL - prompt actions helped managed distressing situation for residents…

Thanks due to efforts of emergency services this evening in Seymour Hill. Frightening experience for all residents……

Great night celebrating @lisburnccc Mayor Tim Morrow's inaugural dinner

Today is #AntiSlaveryDay2017 - victims pass us in the street, live in our community & you would never know.……

Well said Mr Mayor…

Happy belated birthday Hazel!…

All schools to remain closed tomorrow…

Important information for commuters using Belfast to Portadown rail service - tree down at Lambeg…

Congratulations to @lisburnccc Grounds Maintenance Team on winning Best Local Authority Service Team at tonight's @NI_LGA awards!!

Well done Deborah and team…

Delighted to recognise @belfastcc efforts leading the way on Councillor Development @NualaMcAllister…

Brilliantly powerful input from @nmcinroy at #nilga17 (even with the bad jokes!) - keen to explore how councils can lead economic change

Thanks to @stevethomas100 divining @NI_LGA conference a favour of the Welsh local govt experience #nilga17

Great speech @lisburnccc chief! On home patch outlining SOLACE goals for the year ahead…

Well done to @StratagemNI team for an excellent round table session at @NI_LGA conference #nilga17…

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Ian James Parsley

Ian James Parsley is providing detailed support for Trevor Lunn’s review of Enterprise policy over the coming months, as well as research on Policing Board issues as they arise.

With the exception of one year working with the Centre for Social Justice, a London-based think tank, Ian has worked in Lisburn since 2007, supporting the Lagan Valley team in various capacities.

He was the Alliance Party’s European Elections candidate in 2009.

Amanda Grehan

Amanda Grehan is Head of Operations at the Alliance Party’s Lagan Valley Constituency Office.

As well as the day-to-day running of the office itself, she provides a full information service to constituents, including:

  • benefits enquiries
  • planning issues
  • business support
  • tidy streets
  • older people’s issues
  • disability matters

A well known advocate for members of the public, pop in to see her any time during work hours!


Contact Details


17 Graham Gardens, Lisburn BT 28 1XE – via google


(028) 92671177



Dr Jonathan T McCrea


Dr Jonathan Mccrea Alliance Representative for Killultagh

Dr Jonathan Mccrea
Alliance Representative for Killultagh

I was born in Belfast in the early 70’s, then Fermanagh for some years prior to going to University in Scotland. It felt a bit like going to Hogwart’s School, meeting up at the ferry terminal, then taking the train over snow covered hills of Scotland with good friends. Unforgettable!

Over the first few terms of coming back for holidays, I’d notice I would go into ‘Troubles mode’. Checkpoints, Soldiers, Terrorism. Growing up, I knew nothing else. It seemed normal, but it was so far from normal. In the 70’s hundreds died every year. Thousands of lives destroyed. Everyone’s lives blighted. Images of grief riven faces and tragedy, upon tragedy, upon tragedy! Everyone blaming everyone else back to the time of the Vikings or the Romans if required, just to prove it ‘was them lot who started it’.Neighbour against neighbour, people divided, fear, hatred, suspicion, jealousy, hurt, sadness and misery.

Two sides of decades of conflict, still represented by the main parties you vote for!

Parties who try to reach out to the other side, who say they want to, but can’t or won’t!

Parties who are unable to take the hard decisions for everyone’s good.

Parties who who cannot help but lurch back to the issues that defined them.

Just after I returned from Scotland, Naomi Long was elected MP for East Belfast. It was quite simple. “I would not be ashamed to have someone like her, represent me!” So, I joined the Alliance Party, as a simple indication of my support.

I am just a normal person, much like you, and I have decided that it is time to step forward and put my name on the Ballot paper! Why? So normal people from the whole diversity of religious, ethnic and cultural backgrounds can have the confidence to know that I will respect them for who they are. Period!

The Alliance Party, is the only party you can vote for, that will make positive and progressive change in Northern Ireland. Your support, will allow me to take on the divisive politics of the past. Do you really want a shared and peaceful society for our children and your grandchildren?

You live in a democracy!

Don’t just sit there moaning that things will never change. 

Get out and vote FOR CHANGE.

And if you want to do something more than just that, get in touch with me, get some leaflets and convince your family, your neighbours, your friends that NOW is the time for us to build something new!

Share this article, Tweet it, Facebook it, like it, favourite it!

If we all push together we could change this beautiful country and finally make it a place to be really, really proud of!



Fatigue is a huge issue after stroke. Which is why @AvrilDrummond1 Work is so important. #strokerecovery…

Retweeted by Jonnie McCrea

@BrainInjMatters @sjpryde NI ACPIN rep explaining problems of posture, balance, proprioception and function……

Shona Pryde giving a neurophysiotherapist perspective for engaging people with disability into sport…… Retweeted by Jonnie McCrea

#ACPIN18 Conference 19th & 20th March 2018 Manchester Deansgate Hilton Tickets:… Retweeted by Jonnie McCrea

Prof Aidan Moran speaking at the ReSport Conference on the benefits of mental practice & using your imagination in…… Retweeted by Jonnie McCrea

Going to #UKSF17 ? Download this excellent app.…

Retweeted by Jonnie McCrea

For @JonniePeacock the 2012 @Paralympics "changed the game" for disabled people in this country #Strictly

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Now that Physiotherapy UK 2017 is finished, @thecsp is looking at potential content and themes for 2018. At this ea…… Retweeted by Jonnie McCrea

💥calling all #physios&students: have your say in setting physio research priorities. Let's prioritise the… Retweeted by Jonnie McCrea

I’m at the @acpin_uk stand, come to find out about ACPIN conference in Manchester 19th-20th March 2018 and to talk…… Retweeted by Jonnie McCrea

"the placebo effect is enhanced by the impression of warmth and competence" Interesting read via @ResearchDigest Retweeted by Jonnie McCrea

Yes, certainly could be a man with a big elegant tash! Great to be featured on Fresh Goods Friday 370👍🏼…… Retweeted by Jonnie McCrea

This is a fantastic tool! @ParkinsonsUK launches Exercise Framework for Parkinson's :… Retweeted by Jonnie McCrea

@warner_md Not much need for an RCT with that photo! Of course good trial would quantify effect, cost, QoL, etc... 👍🏼😷