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Animal welfare should be of concern to everyone -McIntyre

alliance-animal-crueltyAlliance candidate for Lagan Valley Councillor Aaron McIntyre has said that we should all be concerned about the welfare of defenceless animals.

Councillor McIntyre was speaking after the Prime Minister, Theresa May, said she was in favour of fox hunting and would allow her MPs a free vote on removal of the Hunting Act.

Councillor McIntyre said: “Alliance has consistently campaigned against animal cruelty and for appropriate sentences for those convicted of such crimes. Thanks to David Ford, during his time as Justice Minister, those convicted of animal cruelty now face; increased maximum sentences for Crown Court cases from 2 years to 5 years; increased maximum sentences for Magistrates’ Court cases from 6 months to 12 months or increased maximum Magistrates’ Court fines from £5000 to £20,000.

“These changes have given Northern Ireland some of the strongest animal welfare legislation in the UK, and if elected I would push for these sentences to be brought in throughout England and Wales.

“I am completely against the removal of The Hunting Act in Great Britain. I believe that Northern Ireland needs legislation to stop these barbaric ‘sports’ here. This is an area where Northern Ireland is weak at present. However, Alliance will seek to bring forward new legislation which would include a ban on hunting with dogs, the use of snares and wild animals in circuses. It is time we confine these barbaric practices to the history bin. It is the only humane option and one which Alliance will continue to pursue.”

Alliance nominate Aaron McIntyre as Westminster candidate

Pictured (l-r) are Brian Dornan (election agent), Cllr Aaron McIntyre (Alliance Lagan Valley candidate), Alison Gawith (Alliance Association Secretary) and new member Mark McCormick

Pictured (l-r) are Brian Dornan (election agent), Cllr Aaron McIntyre (Alliance Lagan Valley candidate), Alison Gawith (Alliance Association Secretary) and new member Mark McCormick

The Lagan Valley Alliance Association has selected Councillor Aaron McIntyre as its candidate for next month’s Westminster election.

Councillor McIntyre said: “It is a privilege to have been selected as the Alliance candidate in what will be one of the most important elections many of us will vote in for generations. The next government will have the vital task of ensuring the Brexit negotiations deliver the best possible deal for the entire UK. Given Northern Ireland’s unique position in relation to the Republic of Ireland, Alliance believes special arrangements need to be put in place to ensure we do not suffer disproportionately Post Brexit.

“As the Alliance candidate for Lagan Valley, I offer a strong pro-EU view on what is best for Northern Ireland. We benefit greatly from our membership of the EU and there is real fear many businesses and farmers will be badly affected following Brexit.

“On other issues, I strongly support equal marriage and changes to our outdated laws on abortion. I believe diversity is a strength and we should welcome people from other countries who choose to live and work in Northern Ireland.

“I have been a councillor serving the people of Lisburn since 2014 and if elected to Westminster will be a progressive advocate for all of Lagan Valley. I have the vision and ability to help Lagan Valley grow stronger.”

What a weekend!

Aaron & Jason in CS Lewis Sq

Aaron & Jason in CS Lewis Sq

Phew! That was a busy May Day weekend! Lagan Valley Alliance spent time this weekend out supporting Naomi Long in East Belfast and Paula Bradshaw in South Belfast.

This is only the start! There is a lot more campaigning to be done! Alliance were just over 5000 votes short from winning two Alliance MPs in these two seats at the last election.
We can change direction. For good.
Now’s a great time to join us
Come get involved.

The Lagan Valley Team out for Paula Bradshaw in South Belfast

The Lagan Valley Team out for Paula Bradshaw in South Belfast

The LV Team at the East Belfast Action Day

The LV Team at the East Belfast Action Day

McIntyre to stand for Alliance in Lagan Valley

Lisburn Councillor Aaron McIntyre is to contest the upcoming Westminster election in Lagan Valley, the Alliance Party has announced.

Speaking after his selection on Wednesday night, Councillor McIntyre said he would offer voters a progressive, pro-European alternative to the sitting MP.

“It’s clear the Conservative Government – who the DUP have been cosied up to since 2015 – has absolutely no regard for Northern Ireland, as evidenced by the decision to call a general election during the latest round of talks to save devolution.

“Brexit will have major economic, financial, social and environmental consequences.  And whilst Article 50 has been triggered, the focus now must be on ensuring we secure a special deal for Northern Ireland – something I would fight for at Westminster.

“In my council area, I have spoken with farmers, who indeed voted for Brexit, but who are waking up to the reality that they will likely lose their farm subsidies. I believe this will be a similar story for others as the impacts on their daily lives become evident.

“I’m passionate about developing Lagan Valley, letting it achieve its full potential, something I’ve always worked to achieve through my council work. I have been active in a number of environmental issues, including the ‘No Creevy Quarry’ campaign and have advocated for events to be held in the shared space of the redeveloped Market Square in Lisburn. It was my proposal when Vice-Chair of Leisure and Community Services which saw the NI European Championship matches screened in Lisburn City Centre last year.

“A vote for Alliance isn’t an empty protest vote; it’s a vote for positive politics and one that can deliver real change for the people of Lagan Valley.”

Trevor Lunn MLA added: “I am delighted that Aaron McIntyre has been selected to represent the Alliance Party in Lagan Valley for the Westminster election. Aaron has proved his worth as the  Lisburn-Castlereagh Councillor for Downshire East since 2014. Aaron was born and raised in Lisburn and I am quite sure he will give a good account of himself in the forthcoming campaign. The Alliance Party is fortunate to have a wealth of new talent from which to select candidates.”


Left to right : Gretta Thompson (Vice-Chair), Cllr Aaron McIntyre (Westminster candidate), Naomi Long MLA, Cllr Owen Gawith & Trevor Lunn MLA