Cllr Aaron D. McIntyre


Aaron McIntyre is the Alliance Party councillor for Downshire East.

Aaron graduated from Queen’s University with a 1st class honours degree in July 2013. Aaron completed his Masters in Museum Studies in January 2016. He is a qualified blacksmith and has previously worked at the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum. He is an advocate of young peoples’ issues, the environment and our built heritage. He is also on the committee of the Ulster Archaeological Committee.

Aaron has been a member of the Alliance Party since 2010 and has experience in dealing with constituency work including roads, benefits, housing and environmental issues.

Aaron is a former Chair of QUB Alliance Youth, and past student councillor for the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences at Queen’s University Belfast. He was also a two term chair of the Lagan Valley Association.

Aaron currently sits on the Leisure & Community Development Committee and the Environmental Services Committee.

Bag packing for the @lisburnccc Mayor's charities @Habitat_org & @corrymeela. Loads of people giving generously :)

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