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New Foodbank in Moira

The foodbank in Lisburn has become such a necessity, for so many people, that it has had to expand by opening a satellite location on Moira Main Street.

Downshire West Alliance representative Owen Gawith was shocked and dismayed to discover that a foodbank could be needed in Moira as well as ones in Lisburn and Lurgan. “ It is a sad indictment on the Government’s view of what families need to live on” he said. “That we have people either working or not, who cannot afford to heat and eat, and who must then rely on others’ charity to scrape by from day to day, is outrageous in a wealthy country. Users of these foodbanks are not scroungers or idle, they are ordinary mums and dads like the rest of us, and should not be made to feel that the state does not care.”

If you can help with a donation of tinned or dried food, it can be left in at the Living Room in Eden House on the Main Street.

New bark covered walks for Moira

New Bark covered walks for Moira

New Bark covered walks for Moira

Visitors to Moira Demesne have recently been pleasantly surprised to find two new bark covered walks through the park.

The refurbishment of the much-loved public space is well underway, and the new walks are opening up areas previously too overgrown or boggy for any but the most intrepid.

Downshire West Alliance representative, Owen Gawith welcomed the developments, commenting that it is lovely to see so many people of all ages being able to enjoy the parkland walks again.

“Most users of the Demesne appreciate the surroundings and treat them accordingly.” he said, adding “Unfortunately there are still a few who forget to clean up after their pet, or who leave litter such as plastic bottles, or even those who think it amusing to behead the spring flowers planted for the enjoyment of all. This is unpleasant for everyone else and the dog fouling is potentially hazardous for children. We have an excellent shared space, which will be superb once it is finished. If everyone heeds the old maxim ‘take nothing but memories and leave nothing but footprints’ then the Demesne can truly be a place for everyone.

Fly Tipping in Ravarnet Update

Downshire East

Downshire East

In response to the previous article regarding Fly Tipping in Ravarnet I would like clarify that I am aware that there has been an on-going issue in the area.

I have met with a member of the Environmental Services team at the site and they have assured me that they will work with the landowner to have the site cleared. However, “they have steadfastly refused to gather litter at this site” as the illegal dump is on private land. Under Article 28 of The Waste and Contaminated Land (Northern Ireland) Order 1997 it is the responsibility of the landowner to clear the site. If the landowner complies with notice given by the council under Article 48, then there is no need for legal expenses, and at our meeting they informed me that the council would provide a skip at their cost.

I have dealt with a fly-tipping incident at council owned land at Jacob’s Ladder, Drumbo; another area with a long history of illegal dumping. The council, much to their credit, had it cleared with 48 hours of Alliance reporting the issue to them, as it was their responsibility as the land owners to do so.

This is an issue that is not going to fix itself. It requires a combined effort between the council and landowners. We need to raise awareness of the issue with the general public and ensure that any suspicious activity is reported to the police.

Aaron McIntyre

Alliance Party Downshire East Representative