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Gawith hits out at Ulster Unionists Redpath

Representative for Downshire West

Owen Gawith
Representative for Downshire West

Alliance Downshire West candidate Owen Gawith has hit out at the Ulster Unionists after one of their council candidates criticised the recent Haass process.

Mr Gawith was speaking after the UUP’s Alexander Redpath criticised Dr Richard Haass, who facilitated talks between the main five parties in an attempt to find movement on the issues of parades, flags and the past, stating he had “no mandate from the people of Northern Ireland” and that “his arrogance is staggering”.
Moira resident Mr Gawith said the comments showed Mr Redpath’s own arrogance.
He added: “Mr Redpath also has no mandate from the people of Northern Ireland – or, more to the point, from the people of Lisburn North whom he is supposed to represent – despite never having been elected to do so.
“In fact he has never even stood for election in any part of Lisburn. He has not put himself to the electoral test before, and yet makes much of being ‘Councillor’. Now he is standing in the new area of Downshire West, abandoning the people of Lisburn North before they have even had the chance to decide whether to vote for him or not.
“Mr Redpath has appeared out of nowhere, giving his views, remarks and comments. I for one am not impressed and I would wager the voters of Downshire West are the same.”

Fly tipping putting council staff at risk

Fly-tipping across Lisburn is continuing to waste valuable rate payers’ money

Fly-tipping across Lisburn is continuing to waste valuable rate payers’ money

Fly-tipping across Lisburn is continuing to waste valuable rate payers’ money and is putting council workers at risk says an Alliance Party candidate.

Aaron McIntyre, a candidate for Downshire East in the forthcoming council elections, has received telephone calls from concerned residents in Drumbo regarding illegal dumping at Jacob’s Ladder. He also uncovered a fly-tipping site whilst out cycling on the Legacurry Road, Ravarnet.

He said: “The Alliance team have been working with Environmental Services to get both sites cleared, but court proceedings may be necessary as the waste at Ravarnet was dumped on private land.”

However he says he will continue to liaise with the relevant authorities to ensure the waste is removed.

Mr McIntyre added: “It is a disgrace that people are willing to destroy the local environment in this way. The Ravarnet fly-tipping site is in close proximity to the Ravarnet River and therefore risks polluting the river which only last year suffered a massive fish kill due to slurry entering the river course.

“If you find a fly-tipping site do not disturb it as the waste may be hazardous and it could potentially contain evidence that may help obtain convictions. I would stress to residents that if they witness any suspicious activity, note the vehicle make, model and registration and contact the police. If you have waste you need to dispose of, please do it responsibly at either of the council’s facilities.”

Martin supports End Age Discrimination Now Campaign

Alliance Councillor Stephen Martin with Age NI

Alliance Councillor Stephen Martin with Age NI

Alliance Councillor Stephen Martin has supported the Stop Age Discrimination Now campaign organised by Age NI which attended the 44th annual Alliance Party conference at the La Mon Hotel on Saturday 21st March.

Speaking at the Conference, Councillor Martin stated: ‘I am fully supportive of the Stop Age Discrimination Now campaign by Age NI as I firmly believe that irrespective of age people should not be discriminated against and there is a real case for appropriate legislation here in Northern Ireland.’

‘The Northern Ireland Executive has promised to introduce legislation by March 2015 to outlaw discrimination on the grounds of age in accessing such vital services such as healthcare, mortgages, bank loans, club membership, accommodation and transport.  Age discrimination is something which can affect us all and often times can be very subtle.

‘Age NI is working to prevent age discrimination in Northern Ireland and I believe that with the help of Alliance we can ensure that the Northern Ireland Executive keeps this promise.’

St. Patrick’s day for everyone

At some time St. Patrick may have walked down from Slemish, stood at the edge of Black Mountain and he too may have gazed over the Lagan Valley. Beauty and tragedy. I live on the banks of the Lagan where the Vikings and Irish battled, my town-land Aughnafosker – ‘fields of slaughter’, a remnant of the long lost lives. I grew up in Belfast, a place of more lost lives.

More has been written about St. Patrick, than he wrote. Claimed by more people than he ever knew. A slave, taken captive again and again by religious, political and cultural groups to support their ends, many well meaning, some not. I hear there was a parade in New York! The organisers finally invited the PSNI to parade alongside An Garda Síochána but were then pressured to divide these Irish men and women, who wanted to parade in celebration of their patron saint.

 People first divided, it then becomes divisive, fellow humans driven apart, excluded, expelled, rejected, despised, to a stage where they can ultimately be de-humanised. In Belfast this weekend it was great to hear the steps taken to reverse this and to include more sections of our community, to try to include. Yet the job is not finished.

We need open arms and a generous spirit toward one another.

We still need to ask: Who are we still excluding?

Maybe next year we can have a St. Patrick’s Day, even more, for everyone.

Dr Jonathan T McCrea
Alliance Representative for Killultagh

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Alliance reveals its council candidates

The Alliance Party in Lisburn has revealed its candidates for the upcoming council election.

The election, which will be held in May, will elect the councillors for the new ‘super councils’, including the new Lisburn Castlereagh District Council.

Sitting Councillor Stephen Martin will contest a seat in the north of the city.

However the other two Alliance Councillors in Lisburn, Brian Dornan and Jennifer Coulter, have decided not to run again, due to family and business commitments.

In addition to Councillor Martin, the party will run four candidates in the Lisburn area, and four in the Castlereagh area.

Alliance Constituency Officer Manager Amanda Grehan will seek a seat in Lisburn South, Heritage Officer Aaron McIntyre will be running in Downshire East with Dr Jonathan McCrea representing the party in Killutagh.

Owen Gawith, a local independent financial advisor and long time Moira resident, will round out the Alliance team asking for a mandate in Downshire West.

Lagan Valley Alliance Chair Aaron McIntyre said: “I am excited to have been selected to stand in this election for the new style council.

“I am delighted that we have such a strong team seeking election right across Lisburn.

“Together we will be offering everyone in Lisburn the opportunity to vote for a party which is not afraid to take tough decisions in order to move Northern Ireland forward.”

Councillor Stephen Martin added: “We have a strong record locally but we are eager to deliver more.

“It is more important than ever that we elect a Council capable to managing the difficult decisions the merger with Castlereagh will present.

“This new Alliance  team will bring a range of experience and a commitment to working for everyone in the community no matter what their background.

“We are looking forward to the challenges ahead,” he added.

Alliance Council TEam

Alliance Council Team

Cllr Aaron D. McIntyre


Aaron McIntyre is the Alliance Party councillor for Downshire East.

Aaron graduated from Queen’s University with a 1st class honours degree in July 2013. Aaron completed his Masters in Museum Studies in January 2016. He is a qualified blacksmith and has previously worked at the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum. He is an advocate of young peoples’ issues, the environment and our built heritage. He is also on the committee of the Ulster Archaeological Committee.

Aaron has been a member of the Alliance Party since 2010 and has experience in dealing with constituency work including roads, benefits, housing and environmental issues.

Aaron is a former Chair of QUB Alliance Youth, and past student councillor for the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences at Queen’s University Belfast. He was also a two term chair of the Lagan Valley Association.

Aaron currently sits on the Leisure & Community Development Committee and the Environmental Services Committee.

Bag packing for the @lisburnccc Mayor's charities @Habitat_org & @corrymeela. Loads of people giving generously :)

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Some of the @LVAlliance Association out with the @allianceparty at Belfast Pride 🏳️‍🌈

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Hard to believe the use of #Irish in legal docs including wills is still prohibited by an Act from 1737 passed by the Protestant Ascendancy

2/2 the target is 50% by 2020. Options to increase recycling included looking at glass, textiles & batteries. Costed report(s) to come back.

1/2 Spent the morning at @lisburnccc Waste & Recycling Collections Options Workshop. Some interesting figures-42.2% of our waste is recycled

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