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Tackling Segregation

I have continued to challenge segregation in Northern Ireland in all its forms, most obviously in my role on the Education Committee.

I believe in shared schooling. The integrated model offers an excellent example of this, though it is not the only one. More and more schools across Lagan Valley are recognising the potential for working together more effectively – sharing facilities, broadening choice, and reducing bureaucracy.

Although I am under no illusions about the challenges we face, I also believe the devolved institutions should show leadership in promoting sharing and community relations. It is easy to talk about these, but far harder to deliver in practice and to make delivery obviously beneficial to all of you. I recognise that documents such as the ‘CSI Strategy’ may initially appear remote from people going about their day-to-day lives, but a proper approach to them at the top of government would be a clear demonstration to those working hard on community relations on the ground that their work is being taken seriously.


Regenerating Lagan Valley’s economy

Trevor Lunn

Trevor Lunn MLA is working for you as the Alliance Party’s Enterprise Spokesperson

Since the last election, I have had the opportunity to take a deeper interest in the full range of Enterprise and Trade issues.

I have written to the Finance Minister concerning rates paid by retailers in Lisburn City Centre, which I still regard as punitive in hard times such as these.

I have also tabled numerous questions on how we may generate our own business more effectively. In particular, I have advocated more and better support for those starting up in business, new services for those wishing to export and bring more money into the local economy, and targeting a wider range of people to get involved in business in the first place.

As a former businessman myself, I appreciate the range of issues facing people trying to make a living in retail, in manufacturing and in their own start-ups. I want greater priority placed on support for these people, and in this support being much wider than just the occasional grant.

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Working for You in the Assembly

On your behalf I have raised issues to do with:

  • Promoting new jobs
  • Enhancing our health services
  • Improving our social care
  • Breaking the education gridlock
  • Dealing with the past
  • Tackling the costs of division
  • Reducing High Street rates
  • Opposing the Glenavy incinerator
  • Delivering on the Maze project
  • Pushing for faster planning
  • Making our roads safer
  • Providing social housing

I am happy to raise questions and issues on these and other matters on your behalf. Just write or call in!

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Trevor Lunn MLA

Trevor Lunn MLA

Trevor Lunn MLA
Lagan Valley
07968 154099

Trevor Lunn MLA is Assembly Member for Lagan Valley and the Alliance Party’s Deputy Chief Whip.

Prior to entering politics full-time, he ran his own Insurance Brokerage for 25 years.

At the Assembly, he has served on the Assembly’s Public Accounts and Regional Development Committees and currently serves on the Education Committee (since 2007) and as the Alliance Party’s Enterprise Spokesperson. He joined the Policing Board in 2011.

He was a member of Lisburn City Council from 2001 – 2011 and served as Mayor in 2006-7. First elected to the Assembly in 2007, he was re-elected with an increased vote in 2011.

His interests include church music, gardening and sport.

@ianjamesparsley Better get the new executive formed pronto then😊

Forgiveness, Not easy. At times, More painful than the wound. Yet there is no personal peace without forgiveness: Free of resentment. Retweeted by Trevor Lunn

@JMantonPPNI @allianceparty @smartin123 Two wrongs don't make a right James and if SF do something similar I'll cal……

There's a sad wee thing. He flew into a window. Not a mark on him but broke his neck.

@BBCPolitics @StepWalkTV Amazing genius Trump has for saying the wrong thing so consistently.

@AntrimLens I agree but you're being unkind to a really good air museum and dozens of enthusiasts who run it for free.

@grumpyfactcheck Enquiry is under way, we will see where it leads. It's not a witch hunt, just a thorough means of……

@TheBlowInView Needs the agreement of first and deputy first minister, we don't have either just now. Don't tell me it's daft, I know.

Ulster Aviation Society doing a great job at the Maze. No open days due to Robinson/McGuinness dispute. Let's move on this is ridiculous.

Disgusting attack on Christ Church Londonderry last night. Mindless vandalism. The community reaction is impressive and typical of the city.

@LisburnStar People are sometimes too easily offended these days. It's hard to see what the school did wrong. Good……

@tomfromireland @AIMWoundedKnee Maybe David meant to say other peoples criminality. Methods of enforcement by param……

@NicholaMallon That's a nice image Nichola. Add me to the list of congratulations and I hope Seamus is keeping well.

@naomi_long @sianalliance @NualaMcAllister Particularly sad that Alf was a journalist when the Bel Tel was a paper. Retweeted by Trevor Lunn

Presbyterian Church and Irish (Ian Malcolm)

Retweeted by Trevor Lunn

@Jim_Wells_MLA When Don came to Belfast years ago the audience sang You're my best friend back to him. I wasn't the……

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Ald Stephen Martin

Cllr Stephen Martin

Cllr Stephen Martin
Lisburn North
07706 526036

Stephen Martin is the Alliance Party councillor for Lisburn North. He previously represented Lisburn South in the old Lisburn City Council.

A solicitor by profession, Stephen is the Alliance Group Leader for our team on Lisburn & Castlereagh City Council. He also acts as an advocate for youth, and volunteers as a Youth Leader. He is also on the Board of Governors of an integrated school.

Stephen runs surgeries at the Lagan Valley Association Office in Graham Gardens, Lisburn.

A former Chair of Alliance Youth and past member of Queen’s University Senate, Stephen was elected to Council to take over from Seamus Close in 2011.


As a local elected rep for Lisburn North well done to @PSNILisCreagh for their efforts…

Really impressed by @IsabelHardman's openness with her own journey with mental health on #marr today. Classy. Barrier breaking. Well done


Baroness Jowell has always been a stand-out politician. Wishing her & her family the very best…

Mayor Morrow opening @lisburnccc Peace IV launch at Lagan Valley Island today. Great to hear from @SEUPB CEO

Great time Lego Building at Rowandale IPS in Moira this morning

Positive @NILGA Executive meeting in Templepatrick hearing from @aspni on the work of the Pensioners Parliament

Please take a moment & support my friend @1984MichaelLego to help make Lego Belfast a reality #LEGO…

Great news from @Smyth_Patterson - substantial vote of confidence in Lisburn's retail offer…

Well done to @SouthUlsterHA for their pro-active engagement & consultation earlier today for their expanding portfolio at Mill Street Hilden

Am I slowly becoming more conservative with age when I read this and feel nostalgic?!…

My read is the Bear and the Dragon by Tom Clancy #readabookaday @LibrariesNI…

I'd encourage everyone to check out the OU in Lisburn Library this weekend @LibrariesNI…

Emily having had her face painted went home to tell her mum that her favourite part of the day was hugging @Kelmba!

Great afternoon supporting Hilden Community Association's Annual Fun Day - Immy couldn't wait to join in!

Hmmmm that should definitely read second in the group....…

Congratulations @Neidin_H from one former @AllianceYouthNI chair. Thank you for all you do for @allianceparty…

Called in with staff of Spar in Grand St-chatted with customers annoyed about what happened but determined to get on…

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Ian James Parsley

Ian James Parsley is providing detailed support for Trevor Lunn’s review of Enterprise policy over the coming months, as well as research on Policing Board issues as they arise.

With the exception of one year working with the Centre for Social Justice, a London-based think tank, Ian has worked in Lisburn since 2007, supporting the Lagan Valley team in various capacities.

He was the Alliance Party’s European Elections candidate in 2009.

Amanda Grehan

Amanda Grehan is Head of Operations at the Alliance Party’s Lagan Valley Constituency Office.

As well as the day-to-day running of the office itself, she provides a full information service to constituents, including:

  • benefits enquiries
  • planning issues
  • business support
  • tidy streets
  • older people’s issues
  • disability matters

A well known advocate for members of the public, pop in to see her any time during work hours!


Contact Details


17 Graham Gardens, Lisburn BT 28 1XE – via google


(028) 92671177



Insurance must not inhibit local firms going for contracts

The Assembly is in recess until September, but that gives us a chance to look at some of the issues which have come across our desk over the past year or so.

One close to me, given my professional background, is insurance. I will continue to report here on the various ways in which I wish to look at the subject, but one particular issue I have raised in recent months is the prohibitive insurance requirements of public sector tenderers (most notably perhaps in construction).

I am concerned that local firms who would otherwise be well placed to bid for government contracts are instead being put off by requirements which simply could not reasonably be met by businesses operating in a jurisdiction of under 2 million people, and which are often plain unnecessary.

I do wish to continue to advocate improved policy in this area. If you have any thoughts, simply drop into our office in Graham Gardens or leave a comment to the left.


Lunn calls for co-operation between Education Boards and CCMS over school plans

Trevor Lunn MLAAlliance Education spokesperson Trevor Lunn MLA has called for closer co-operation between the Education Boards and CCMS over their plans for the number and type of schools that they need in each area. Currently there is two separate audits of what each sector requires. The plans are aimed at reduced the 85,000 empty desks in all schools.

Trevor Lunn MLA said: “If we want this whole process to achieve the best results then there needs to be a suitable level of co-operation between the Education Boards and CCMS about the changes that could happen. Currently we have two separate processes going on which is not going to make our school system more sustainable in the long run.

“Everybody will agree that there is an urgent need to update our school system to meet Northern Ireland changed demographics. We are already seeing some changes with the sharing of resources between schools and I welcome that, now is the time to see what further actions we can take to increase sharing.

“This is going to be a long process and what has been announced are not firm proposals, it is merely the beginning of a consultation exercise. I would encourage the public to read these proposals and respond to the Boards.”